Questions about Surveys on a PC

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I will answer some questions that I have heard or seen about completing survey offers from various programs that offer this sort of service. All of the answers are not claims and these programs can change at any time. I will try to adapt and update this as much as I can if new information comes up or a better opportunity.

I don’t have a lot of computer knowledge. How good do I have to be on the computer to register to get online surveys that I can complete for rewards?

You do not need any more computer knowledge than you already had to know to get to this page. If someone sent you the link to this page, you had enough knowledge to click on the click and read through this website. Don’t underestimate yourself! You are better with the internet than you think you are and it is simple to give your opinion to these big companies and get something back in return.

How many survey programs should I sign up for to actually make money?

You want to make sure that you have signed-up for enough survey programs so you get a variety of questions. You can also figure out which of the programs is paying the best at that particular time. But perhaps the best reason to register at so many sites is because there is no cost associated with registering (only if you checked out my list of free survey programs you can join).

When can someone be on the computer and take surveys?

photo-1436397543931-01c4a5162bdb-300x300Hopefully you signed up for more than one program and this is exactly the reason. You can only make money by getting offers in you email. Fairly often you will receive emails letting you know that there is an offer and how much you will make from the particular offer. After that you can sign onto the program that sent you the email and complete the survey offer. This method, in my opinion, is much better than having to check your accounts on all the sites everyday to see is you have any offers available. You get a convenient email! Gotta love the internet!

Is taking surveys for money real or fake?

You hear of programs that cost a bunch of money and promise a full time income working a crazy small amount of time. They promise that you can forget the commute and stay at home on your computer making six-figures. Don’t fall for them. You should never pay to get an invite and it should be free. Now it will take some time of your day but when you have free time you can go into your emails and see what offers are waiting for you. Do it at your own pace.

Can a housewife make some money taking surveys?

Absolutely! When the kids go to sleep or at school, as a housewife you can take a breather and answer questions about household items, fashion questions or even about your kids! Whatever you make extra can go towards a new vehicle, the vacation you have wanted to take or that pair of shoes you have been eyeing.

Can you retire and make money at home on their computer?

Yes if you spend a lot of time at home and have a computer with an internet connection, you can join free survey programs and make some extra money. This is great because even if you have a hard time getting around and are home bound, you can still provide your opinion to get the offered reward. Use what you make to shop online or spoil the grandchildren.

How much time do you take for every survey?

The time that it takes always is different, but a typical general rule is that the longer amount of time it takes the more you will be rewarded when it is completed. Sometimes there are bonuses but for a majority of the offers, what you put into it time wise will translate into what you will get when it is completed. Do not let long surveys deter you but a few short ones can be fun and you can come out better when your done.

How long does it take to get paid after you complete the survey offers?

Most pay either once a week or once a month. There are usually an amount that you have to get to in order to trigger a payment. Twenty to fifty dollars is the usual threshold in order to get a transfer to you. Otherwise what happens is you will just accumulate until you get to the amount. There are programs that have no minimum amount, but survey for seniorssometimes they don’t pay that well so that is why they will let you withdraw at so small of an amount.

Where can I find free survey sites to earn money?

Free survey programs are found in all different places. The most obvious place to start is Google. That is how you probably found this site. Now that your here, we can see different options that could be a starting point. My list of free survey programs can be found here. You can search for them on your own but whatever happens just make sure you don’t end up paying for a list of free programs. That does happen!

What age do you have to be to register with these programs?

I do not know of a program that will let you join and receive rewards when your under 18 (eighteen). It might have something to do with being old enough to sign a contract, but I’m not actually sure if that is the reason. If I find a survey program that can legally reward people under the age of 18, I definitely will update the page and let you know about it!

Does it take long to get started?

To register on a program, you will usually be asked for your name and email address. After you go to your email and click the link to confirm your email with the survey program, you can go back and usually they will want you to take a baseline survey to see where you would fit. Be as honest as possible or you could run the risk of being rejected, which means that you will not be getting any more any more surveys. Plus my mother always says, “It’s harder to lie than tell the truth”.